Jake 2.0


Hi I’m Jake! I grew up as a nerd, mostly playing video games. So it’s no surprise that my career veered into what I am really interested in, which is technology. Ever since college, what really piqued my interest was the Internet(and chasing girls of course ;-) ….) I started making blogs of my gaming explores, mostly about tips on how to beat certain games. (Metal Gear anyone?) Since I graduated, I’ve worked in several different hosting companies and learned a lot about how web hosting is done. So, before we start, I’d like to give you all a brief intro on how and what web hosting is. Read on to find out.




Putting up a website online requires you to have a reliable web hosting  service provider. Having a web host allows your website to be accessible to others in the internet. Most hosting companies offer you numerous packages and deals. Sometimes, because of the extensiveness of their features, it becomes more confusing to select the best that suits your needs. Among the things that you have to consider are affordability, functionality, specifications, up-time record, additional features, upgrade options, refund policy, money back guarantees, and customer support. But why do you have to carefully take into consideration these factors? Why get a great hosting site?


  1. Reliability. When you choose a web hosting service provider, you expect that you can  rely on them in making your website accessible anytime and anywhere to anyone. Especially those who are using their websites for business, reliability is one great factor that will influence the outcome of your business. Make sure that your hosting site provides the best uptime possible.
  1. It becomes unavoidable that you will come across certain issues with your website. You need to have a hosting site that  can easily provide answers or solutions to your needs. Again, the success of your business that is placed in the website is critical when you have issues. You might eventually lose some clients or visitors because of the unanswered issues you are experiencing. A great hosting site comes with a customer service support system that is available anytime. 
  1. Getting the best deals and packages give great value to your business. Most hosting sites provide various packages and deals. Choosing the right packages that will suit your business needs is very essential. Take time to figure out what company will give you the most benefits at the right price. You can read on the reviews provided by other people to help you decide on your options. 

  1. Features. You need to look beyond the hardware specifications alone. Along with the extensive features listed in the deals and  packages presented by hosting service providers, try to explore if there are additional free features offered by the company. Try to see if it allows you to create databases and other exciting features like adding forums, shopping carts for e-commerce site and many more. See also  the free features that they will include in their packages. Common free features would be email system setups, SEO programs, tutorials, guides and many others.  Free features vary from one company to another. Check on the these items for you to receive more value to the price that you pay for. 
  1. One way to test that the hosting provider is sincere in delivering their promises to their customers is through their guarantee. Most hosting companies offer money-back guarantee for a certain period. 

Putting up a website is an investment and getting a hosting provider that is reliable becomes an asset to your business. A good hosting site will very provide you the best of support, great value and more features to your hosting needs. Plus, they will surely guarantee you that they are committed in delivering  their promises.